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Please Support cancer sufferers by buying a gift from our webshop to yourself or your loved ones!
You can help encourage a smile from a lonely mum or dad and the children , during a very upsetting time. If you donate or buy an item in our webshop for £20 or more, we will send you a soft toy, as a Thank you!

We prioritise breast cancer sufferers, but give support to those with all types of cancer prioritizing lone parents with younger children in the same country as the donor or customer. In this way we aim to stay a non-profit organisation but become Global. The Pink Table helps those who need encouragement comfort and information. We spread Awareness that cancer doesn’t automatically mean the end of the road.

Even after a mastectomy women can still be feminine. Reconstructions are also common today for those who wish for one. An encouragement, for example: outings, cinema/popcorn, treats and also getaways, is offered to cancer sufferers everywhere. We aim to treat a lone parent with children to a week’s holiday after a traumatic time Can you help encourage a smile at this difficult time?

Thank you for your support!

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