Abous us

We are a small registered non-member non-profit fundraising Foundation with strict supervision from The County Administrative Board. We can gladly supply the full contact details of Registration and the Supervision-authority on request.

We sincerely hope this will bring confidence in knowing we are a serious organisation, which is supervised very efficiently. We don’t offer membership or social events.

Various organisations complement each other. Some sufferers prefer their own social circle’s company during such a traumatic period. We help those who feel lonely during this distressing period.

If you have a few hours to spare, wherever you live in the world, then please contact us! You can give Support in many ways. Your own Table, your own fundraising activites, partnership or your own ideas?

 The Pink Table’s goal is to give holiday treats to lone parents, their children and even other sufferers after tough treatment. Welcomed donations, and the profit from our webshop will be given to cancer-sufferers in the form of treats and outings and much more in the country where the donor or customer lives.

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